The Sedge style, which achieved a breakthrough in the Ottoman Decorative Art, was able to protect its influence from 16th century until the last period of the Ottomans.


This style of art which was available to produce a free composition took an important place in the decorative arts because it gave freedom to the artists. It is quite common to see a lot of artworks and tiles applied by Sedge style in Topkapı Palace.  One of the most remarkable sedge works are the tile panels with bird motifs on both sides at the entrance door of the Circumcision Room.


Sulun was designed by getting inspired from the tile panels with bird motifs which decorate the outer walls of the Circumcision Room in the Topkapı Palace Museum.


Using a glaze technique on handmade glassware decorated with 24 carat gold, presented with the workmanship and mastery of Decorium.