About Decorium

Having a background of 5000 years, glass is a transparent culture that reflects aesthetic from past to future which also has been decorated palaces, houses, dinner tables from ancient times until today.


Decorium is offering different kinds of artworks on glassware which have been applied by well-experienced staff thus bringing color to your life. We are keeping art of glass and handcraft alive by applying contemporary designs besides traditional with gold, silver, engraved and different kinds of glassworks. Our glorious products gain their value by ingenious crafted hands and sustain majorly handmade activities in our factory which is located in Istanbul, Turkey.


We carry on the path of our mission to enrich handcrafted glassware production by keeping standards on the highest level of quality and handwork in our facility.


We are presenting Palace Collection by applying our home land and world’s prosperous cultural heritage on glassware and Life Collection are brought to you for daily life and special events.


Our value added products are available in our domestic point of sales and duty-free sales points at domestic international airports.


We are proud of representing our country by exporting over thirty countries of the world and also providing private label production to leading brand’s of the world and Turkey.


Hoping that you will enjoy using products of Decorium as much as we love to make them and keep today’s lively culture of glassware alive in the future…